Veloz ATV-07 Utility Kids ATV

Kids and teens will love the Veloz ATV-07 Utility Kids ATV; it¡¯s a great ATV that¡¯s designed for quality and long-term use. Its front and rear racks as well as a mountable gear bag let you carry the equipment you need for a day of riding or overnight camp!
Kids or even full sized adults can enjoy this ATV. Granted this Veloz 4-wheeler is meant for smaller kids, but its engine has plenty of pep to handle larger riders and supplies. The Veloz ATV-07 Utility Kids ATV is an affordable 4-wheeler that you may buy as a startup unit, but has enough riding quality to last you a long time. General

-Air cooled,Ignition CDI
-110CC, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, automatic
-Max Speed 37 mph
-Front Hand Brake Drum & -Rear Foot Brake Hydraulic Disc
-Speed Limiter & Kill Switch available

Type: Unknown Type

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