TaoTao Motorsports Assembly Services

TaoTao Standard Assembly &Tuned-Up Services

All of our units are delivered in the "Original Factory Package" which implies that you will receive your 80% assembled ATVs from the factory exactly as a dealership would receive. This suggests you, or a certified mechanic, should complete the assembly and quality control that a dealership would regularly perform.

  • Original Factory Package
  • Simple to Assemble
  • Quality Control

Your purchase does not come preassembled, you will have to combine the main components upon arrival, generally the following units will be delivered: Handle bar brackets, all 4 wheels, front and rear racks (optional), rear shock and battery. (models may vary)

Our ATVs are assembled and tested before shipment, a thorough check and set-up for a new unit, must be operated by a professional TaoTao mechanic, whether the fuel lines, electrical connections, valve adjustment, priming the carburetor, lights, etc are installed and calibrated to manufacturers' recommendations.

Assembly and Test Service SAVE UP to 70%!

We offer our customer a PDI or a "Fully Assembled and Tested" service for a competitive price, for professional level services save up to $100 or even more, for our VIP customer we have the best deals for you!

Fully Assembled and Tested Service

  • Guaranteed worry-free assembled and tested vehicles by professionals in the U.S.

All of our assembled vehicles are assembled and tested by professionals with over 30 years experience in the U.S., which serves you worry-free ride joy.

  • Save your time and money

We offer worry-free assembly, set-up and testing in a competitive price at dealer level in the U.S., the best deals are closer than you think.


Please Note that ONE PDI Assembly Service for ONE Product ONLY, for example, if you purchase two sets of ATVs, and prefer PDI for them, there should be two PDI Assembly service purchased as well.

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