TaoTao 125 New TForce Kids ATV

With the aggressive stance and bolder overall style,TaoTao 125 TForce Kids ATV attracts many ATV riders to give it a try.This 4 wheeler ATV is a mid sized ATV with many upgrade features. TaoTao makes it rugged,powerful,and full of “muscles”.

Upgraded to a Muscle Man

TaoTao has upgraded the TForce Kids ATV's automatic transmission with a larger sprocket, giving more low-end torque, and placed it in a mid sized chassis.suspension system has been upgrade,making this 4 wheeler more comfortable and sturdy to ride.Tough terrains requires more aggressive tires to conquer,TaoTao 125 TForce Kids ATV has upgraded to 18-19 inch for those front and rear tires.

Ready to Conquer Any Terrains

TaoTao 125 TForce Kids ATV is a new high-output 125cc powerhouse. As you know only a few 125cc engines comes with Reverse, this design improves ATV maneuverability a lot. With a seat to peg measurement of 19 inches, 125 TForce even fit a full-size adult,let alone youth riders. This kids quad can go up to 35 mph, ride along with 8.4HP engine,riders have confidence to conquer tough mountain trials or any other terrains they ride through.

We put limits to this powerful machine

Safety matter most to our riders,so TaoTao 125 TForce Kids ATV is built with a parental speed limiter, which helps parents to limit the speed to 5mph, when kids are getting skillful and experienced in ATV riding, limit can be lifted and enjoy the full power of the 4-Stroke 125cc engine.

-Flat Shipping Rate: $299.99
-Cooling Air cooled & Ignition CDI
-125cc Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke
-Max Speed 37 mph
-Front/Rear A-Arm/Single Swing-Arm Suspension
-Seat to foot peg 29 Inches
-Kill Switch available

Type: Unknown Type

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