TaoTao 110cc DB-10 Kids Pit Dirt Bike

Do you have a teenager or young adult in your life interested in getting into pit bike racing, but scared away by learning manual transmission? This is the perfect bike for them to start with, due to its automatic clutch, and compact 110cc engine, meaning it has a good amount of power to build confidence, but won¡¯t be as hard to control as a larger 250cc engine. Built for the racetrack, the TaoTao 110cc DB-10 is great to start learning the ropes of motocross racing, and find that perfect line on your local track. Its ride feel is impeccably smooth, and while its 110cc engine might not be powerful enough to run in a pro competition (at least not without some upgrades), it can handle its own on the course. Don¡¯t let manual clutch scare you off¡ªpick this up today, and get on the track! General

-Height To Seat 32.28"
-110cc 4 Stroke Single Cylinder engine
-Max Speed 40 mph
-Motor power 10kW (9500r/min)
-Electric Starting System
-Disc/Drum Brake System
-Front/Rear Non-Adjustable 760mm/Non-Adjustable 320mm Suspension
-Frame Twin Spare Heavy Duty Steel Frame

Type: Unknown Type

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