RPS 150cc Viper Dirt Bike

Are you looking to upgrade from your 50 or 125cc bike, but don¡¯t quite want to get a 250cc quite yet? (There¡¯s no shame in that!) This is the perfect middle ground! Perfect for beginners and those with a little more experience under their belt, the RPS 150cc Viper is like adding a little turbocharge to a 125cc engine. But moving from a 125 to 150cc engine is quite a difference! A slightly higher than normal top speed of 55 MPH means straightaways will feel much faster, but the biggest difference is really felt in the acceleration. The Viper can go really fast, really quickly! It¡¯s a lot to manage if you¡¯re not used to an engine that can output this much power. But, after the learning curve is tackled, going back to a smaller engine is nearly impossible. If you¡¯re looking to make that jump in class, definitely start here¡ªthis bike is killer on the racetrack, or to cut some dirt with your friends. General

-Clutch Manual With 4 Gears
-150cc 4 Stroke Single Cylinder
-Max Speed 55 mph
-Hydraulic Disc Brake System
-Non-Adjustable Suspension
-Twin Spare Heavy Duty Steel Frame

Type: Unknown Type

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