Gotrax Branded Product Extended Warranty Services (6-12 months)

All products and parts sold on our website are covered by a manufacturer warranty that will be facilitated through OutdoorEX. Warranty coverage terms vary by manufacturer,the warranty services hereby only applies to All Gotrax products sold on our site.

To be specific, paid warranty services only covers to Gotrax Electric Scooters,Hoverboards,Kickscooters,Electric Bikes. Please note that to extend Electric Bike Warranty,choose "6 months-EB"or "12 months-EB".To estend warranty for Gotrax Electric Scooters,Hoverboards,Kickscooters,choose"6-months" or "12 months".

Please do not purchase this service if you don't have purchased or owned our products mentioned above.This extended warranty can be only applied to those items purchase from

This paid services hereby doesn't apply to all ATVs, Dirt bikes, go karts, gas scooters,and Ridevolo, Golabs products. We will refund you if you happened to purchase it.if you need extended warranty for those items, please go to TaoTao extended warranty.

For detailed warranty terms please visit our warranty HERE.

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