GOTRAX SRX Mini Hoverboard for Kids

The first hoverboard designed specifically for kids! The SRX Mini has a fun and unique body design and comes in 4 awesome colors. Featuring self-balancing mode and 6.5 inch tires the SRX mini is easy to ride and master. Powered by 150Watt Dual Motors and a 25.2V Battery the Mini can support up to 132lbs. At only 15lbs the mini is one of the lightest hoverboards on the market and is uniquely designed with 2 built in handles making it easier to transport. Safely limited to 6mph the mini can go a distance of up to 3 miles per charge and don't forget to always wear a helmet when riding!

-300 Watt Motor
-25.2V Battery
-Self Balancing Mode
-Built in carrying handles
-6 mph

-150 WATTS & 25.2V Battery - Power the SRX mini up to 6mph for a distance of 3 miles
-Available in 4 awesome color combinations
-Self Balancing Mode - Engage self balancing mode and the hoverboard will keep its rider platform level with the ground. Making it easy for kids to ride and master!
-6.5 inch Wheels - The 6.5 inch create a smooth ride and make the hoverboard easier to manuever
-Unique Body Design - The SRX mini is the first of its kind with built in carrying handles and a unique design making it easy to carry and giving it a one of a kind look.

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