GOTRAX G3 Adult Electric Scooter

The G-Series Performance Scooters are here. Introducing the GOTRAX G3 Electric scooter for adults. After over a year of feedback the G-Series Scooter are improved in almost every aspect over their predecessor the GXL V2. Now you can enjoy riding up to 18 miles per charge at speeds of 18 miles per hour, and new features like the built-in digital lock.

-36v Battery 7.8AH
-300 Watt Avg / 430 Watt Max Motor
-18 Miles per charge
-8.5 inch Air filled tires
-Size - 42.3 inch x 17.9 inch x 47.4 inch
-Weight - 36LBS
-Max Rider Weight - 220LBS
-Waterproof Rating - IPX6

Type: Unknown Type

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