Golabs Portable Power Station R300 300W

OutdoorEX brought Golabs 300W Portable Power Station Available for all outdoor enthusiasts.It’s getting warmer and it’s time to enjoy the fresh air and and adventure the unknown.With this portable solar power battery pack, you won’t worry about power outages again out there. Going climbing, hiking or camping with a RV, we are trying to offer a worry-free gears for a peasant outdoor journey.

Premium LIFEPO4 Battery Cells inside

When any batteries are created with bigger capacity, the safety is the core concerns.The reason why Golabs portable power station is on our list is that it applies premium LIFEPO4 Battery cells inside,which offers 2000 cycles and more than 10 years battery health.This durable battery generator is a great power supply for camping.

Charge on the go, charge everything

You can charge your iPhone on the go with any portable power bank, but what if laptops or your mini refrigerator are running out of power in the middle of nowhere? This camping battery gets various outputs for various devices.PD/Type-C Output, AC/DC outlet, and also QC 3.0 USB outputs area available. Charge cellphones, cameras, drones, tablets,laptops,you name it. Get your Golabs camping power station fully charged before hand, and there won’t be any power outage again at beautiful camping nights, or BBQ night times.

 Solar Power Available

Our camping battery can be charged via solar panels, but you have to purchase solar panels separately to turn this battery pack into a solar generator. With extra solar panel, the solar generator has no limits in charging and recharging. It will work without bothering noise, no fuel or gasoline,which is 100% eco-friendly and clean outdoors power source.

No Matter you are looking for a power supply for camping or solar generators alternatives, Golabs is your choice.


Battery: Lithium iron phosphate battery

Capacity: 299Wh (3.2V/93500mAh)

Lifecycles: 2000 Cycles, 10 years battery life

Output: -2*DC(12V 120W)

           -2*QC3.0 USB(5V/3.1A, MAX 15W)

           -2*110 AC(300W Max)

          -1*Car Charger Port(12V 120W)

Packlist:1* AC Wall Charger; 1* Carport Cable; 1* MC4 Solar Charging Cable

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