Coolster 70cc QG210 Mini-Pro Pit Dirt Bike

It might seem like an oxymoron at first 70cc pro bike? But don't let that be a deterrent, you'd be doing yourself a disservice! This little engine that could absolutely rips, as an award winning ZongShen motor is housed inside, concealing a huge amount of acceleration for the engine size,this thing has to be seen to be believed! The small seat size can hold up to a whopping 198 lbs, which is close to almost double what almost any other 70cc bike can handle. Although the seat size might make it a little cramped for taller riders, this is absolutely perfect for smaller riders and even teenagers or younger looking to cut their teeth on a few races. It houses all of the features you'd like in a pro bike, like front and rear drum brakes, and a sturdy steel fork suspension, for an unbeatable price,what's not to love?

-Flat Shipping Rate:$179.99
-Throttle Limiter Standard Twist Throttle
-Clutch No Clutch
-12,000RPM, air cooled, 5.5 HP, Ignition CDI 70cc
-Max Speed 36 mph
-Drum Hand Brake system
-Front/Rear Non inverted steel forks , rear suspension: mono shock Suspension
-Transmission Semi Manual

Type: Unknown Type

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