The Roketa 50cc 57 Motorcycle features an air cooled, four-stroke single cylinder 50cc engine. It features automatic transmission and a max speed of 31 MPH. It includes a CDI start system.
Another entry in Roketa’s motorcycle/scooter hybrid line, the 57 features the looks of a classic Italian scooter, but with the performance you’d expect from a standard motorcycle. It has looks to spare, but features a zippy 50cc engine, easily matching, or in some cases, outperforming scooters of the same size. Due to its design, it’s really suited best for blacktop riding, and not so much for off-road or motocross tracks. The ride feel is very smooth, as expected from a scooter-type vehicle, reaching its comfortable max speed of 31 MPH.
It’s about the size of a standard scooter, meaning it will be comfortable for most riders, but very tall riders may want to keep looking. Overall, if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, in terms of having the looks of a stylish classic Italian scooter and the features of a motorcycle, look no further!
5 Colors Available.
Available in Black, Blue, White, Red and Yellow.