Kids ATV

110cc of reliable, electric-start four-stroke fun feed into a gearbox, making the Coolster 3050B a great choice for those getting started or moving up, and perfectly tuned to the rider starting to hone his or her ATV skills.
This ATV comes with an air-cooled engine designed to prevent overheating. There will be no worries about overheating or extra engine maintenance with this ATV.
Automatic Transmission ensures smooth shifting and lets the entry-level rider focus on the trail by eliminating a hand-operated clutch.
Durable Chain Drive, which is really great chains, are easy to repair and replace.
Electric Start provides much easier control and handling, and gives the rider the great convenience in the event of a stall.
Fuel: Regular unleaded gasoline (90# gas or above), no need to mix oil with gas.

For safety features we will focus on the rear disc brake. Oncoming disaster can be quickly averted with this super strong disc that stops with incredible efficiency and speed. This quad also has extremely large 16 x 8 - 7 Powerwheel tires. With these large Powerwheels, you will never have to experience slipping, fishtail, or getting stuck.
This inexpensive atv features an adjustable throttle limiter which allows you to set how much power the engine puts out which in turn, controls how fast the vehicle will go. This is a perfect way to gradually build you's skill and confidence in riding so by the time you have taken off any limit, you will be well prepared to handle it.
10 Colors Available.
Available in Green, Black, and Blue, Yellow, Metallic Red, Spider Red, Army Pink, Peach, Peachblow, Spider Pink.