TaoTao GK-110 110cc Kids Go Kart

The TaoTao GK-110 has a high-output 110cc powerhouse engine that makes it one of the speediest Go Karts around. This is a 110cc youth to teen Go Kart with an automatic transmission and reverse. With headlights and a roof canopy, you will be driving in style.

Tao Motor features the new GK 110cc Go Kart, putting out 6.5 Horsepower with a top controllable speed up to 30mph. Always keeping Safety as a top priority, Tao Motor focused on producing the safest Go Kart, while still meeting parents expectations to offer a fully functional, affordable Go Kart that will keep the entire family happy.

No matter what type of terrain you are riding on, the Tao Motor GK 110cc has one of the highest ground clearances offered so you will not get stuck. Although the chain guard is only 4 inches from the ground, the rest has a full 7-inch ground clearance with a 15-inch tire. This go-kart will not get high centered easily.

The GK 110cc is fully automatic with reverse. Many parents requested the reverse. So, Tao Motor delivered, offering one of the only small youth Go Karts with reverse.

Let them get started early learning how to drive inside a fully enclosed roll cage a gas pedal that can be governed down for lower speeds.

-Clutch Automatic & Cooling Air Cooled &Ignition CDI
-4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled 110cc engine
-Max Speed 30 mph
-Electric Starting System
-adjustable Pedal To Seat 23-29 inch

The Go Kart is easy to drive with an electric start, adjustable two-person bench seat slides from 27 inches to 31 inches from the pedal to the back of the seat.


This vehicle was truly designed to give parents peace of mind and make their job much easier. Every Powersports vehicle comes with risk, but taking responsibility and all safety measures is a must and a top priority here at Tao Motor.

Adding a cool dashboard that displays some of your controls, from a horn, light switch, and an on-off switch. The electric key start will keep those adults from having to crank start the vehicle, while the narrow body style allows this vehicle to be stored in a garage without taking up much room.

It has great safety features for parents, and plenty of power and control to ride on all types of terrain. The controls are simple with a standard style steering wheel, accompanied by a gas pedal labeled GO, and a brake pedal labeled STOP, front and rear disc brakes, as an emergency parking brake.

The hand shifter allows the driver to easily shift the kart into drive, neutral, or reverse gear while the easy to read digital gear indicator informs the rider which gear the vehicle is currently in.

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