BMS Heritage 2 150cc Scooter

8.5 HP /4 stroke SOHC/ Air cooled
Latest Classic style/ New Model
2 tone color combination
Fully Automatic(CVT)/ Belt Drive
Deni Carburetor
Stainless steel Bolts & Nuts
Dual Stage Paint Treatment
Aluminum Foot Plate
Front Anti-Brake Pump / Rear Luggage Box
Halogen Bulbs / Kill Switch
Chrome Engine Cover
Windshield(Optional from 2012 model)

    Type: Scooter


    Dominant, Arrogant, and Elegant European Classic Design.

    Up to 75 - 80 MPG, Ultimate Gas Saver!
    Fuel Efficient, Environment Friendly!
    Large selection of colors
    5 Colors Available.
    Available in Black/White, Blue/White, Green/White, Yellow/White, Burgundy/White.

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